Online Reviews Now Part of eLearning Subscription

Good news!

The CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) and Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician® (C-DET) Online Review classes are now a part of the CSIA eLearning subscription and they are immediately available upon day 1 of your subscription.

Let’s look at the savings:
1 CCS or CDET Online Review is $249. For 3 employees, that is $747. 1 month of an eLearning subscription is $249 (for 3 users).

$747 – $249 = $498. You save $498 on your first month alone if the sole reason you sign up is the CCS Online Review. A 1 month subscription for a single user is only $149 – you’re still saving!

This does not even include the 2 CSIA courses you get with your first month and the 50 SureFire courses that are available to you. If you have technicians who need to complete a Review and Exam to earn their certification, you are almost losing money by not signing up for the eLearning subscription. Use the savings to continue using the platform for another month or two and really dig in. You’ll be surprised how quickly the platform will become a part of your operations and training. Additionally, it will make renewing your certification by CEU’s that much easier.

The Online Reviews are still available outside of the subscription, just like they have been, but we wanted to enhance the value of the eLearning subscription even more. This is just one more way it makes economical and operational sense to sign-up for a CSIA eLearning subscription.

As you know, a CSIA eLearning subscription offers a catalog of fresh and informative courses teaching you the chimney and venting industry from the fireplace to the crown on any platform – anytime and anywhere.

  • ​Gain immediate access to 2 CSIA eLearning courses and 50+ SureFire courses,
  • New CSIA and SureFire courses added monthly,
  • Fast track learning to get new techs up to speed and ready for the CSIA exam,
  • Learn how to use chimney and venting products, direct from the manufacturers,
  • Online safety courses,
  • Focused learning on a fully-customizable platform for your team, set by your team leader,
  • Great for down time at the shop, between jobs, and at home – courses can be even done on a phone or tablet,
  • And courses for your operations and support staff, too!

Sign-up today!


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