CSIA applauds media appreciation for fireplaces as practical and decorative

At the Chimney Safety Institute of America, we urge homeowners to understand how their chimney works so they can enjoy their home heating device — especially  the fireplace — to the fullest. We noticed quite a few articles over the past week that showed just how important the fireplace is from a visual standpoint.

As Jeffrey Fisher writes in The National Post, “People generally consider a fireplace to be an added bonus when purchasing a home. Whether it’s wood burning or gas, fireplaces are appreciated for both practical and decorative purposes. I always think a fireplace adds a focal point to any room and if it throws needed heat, even better.”

Over at Sustainable Life, Steve Law’s piece talks about the “romance of a wood-burning fireplace” but also includes this comment: Gas fireplaces are considered “equally aesthetic and functional.”

The Detroit News offers a lengthy piece on visually pleasing options for a unique part of the house, and the author isn’t talking about the living room couch, rather, the “wide-open fireplace mantels just begging to be decorated.”

And the Journal Times of Racine, Wisconsin has a profile on an entrepreneur who created a concept for fireplace covers.

We love it when people recognize the fireplace as an asset, and CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps can help you unlock its potential in your home — that starts with making sure the system is safe to use! Check out CSIA sweeps using our free zip code locator.


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