Always social


Do you have a lot of Facebook friends, or a bunch of followers on Twitter? Perhaps any picture you post on Instagram immediately gets a healthy dose of folks clicking the heart-shape “like” button. The eight people at the Chimney Safety Institute of America headquarters who are devoted to CSIA matters love social media, too. But we mastered the art of friendship long ago – and in real life. The proof? Our guest book! We have hundreds of signatures of visitors who signed our journal that we keep near the front door.

The earliest submission in the journal is July 12-15, 2004, which occurred during a Sweeps Week, when we were still getting used to being in this new location in Plainfield, Ind.

Mike Wilcox of Magic Dragon Chimney Service of Norcross, Ga. left the first comment. He wrote, “It has been a pleasure utilizing my knowledge as an electrician correcting and/or adding circuits to the facilities.”

“It’s a pleasure to give back to something that has given me so much,” wrote Stephen Kuber of Chim-Cheree Chimney Sweeps of Brick, N.J. in an entry dated July 12-16, 2004. “The fun I had painting and working with my brother sweeps was a true value. To share a moment in time and to leave behind a mark, that I was here. Something my sons too can prosper from.”

An entry dated 6/14/08, penned by Chris Lee, sums up the thoughts of many of our guests: “Great training, good food, and fun times. Thanks guys for everything. Hopefully see you all again soon.”

Our last sign-in was Pete Wargo of Lucky Brush Chimney Service, near Delphi, Ind.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, we give thanks to those thousands of people who have come to the tech center to learn, to get certified, to renew their certification, to help us with a project, to instruct students, or to just say hi.

We welcome you to our facility. Make sure you sign in and leave a thought before you depart.

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