Air quality and your chimney

A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep helps make your fireplace a much safer place to enjoy that cozy warmth, but often overlooked is the role that the sweep plays in air quality and healthier homes.

That role is elaborated on by CSIA President John Pilger on a blog for Chief Chimney Services:  “You may not realize that being able to smell a wood fire burning in the fireplace is actually a sign of danger.”

Indeed, John writes, “If you are smelling smoke, even in small amounts, this indicates that your chimney is not functioning properly, and that the air quality of your home is being compromised.”

Carbon monoxide is an obviously serious threat, but so too is wood smoke pollution.

Read John’s blog post to see his thoughts on a solution to the problem.



2 thoughts on “Air quality and your chimney

  1. Thanks for the information! The house that I grew up in had a fireplace that we used regularly. Smoke was a common smell in our house, even when we weren’t burning anything. John’s statement about the danger of smelling smoke was definitely an eye opener. It’s surprising smelling burning wood in my home indicates that my chimney needs to be cleaned and the the air quality in my home could be compromised.


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